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About Ling Tung University

About Ling Tung University, LTU, Love to you~

About Ling Tung University, LTU, Love to you~

Homepage: http://www.ltu.edu.tw



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1, Ling tung Rd., Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-4-23892088
Fax: 886-4-36015202
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The roots of Ling Tung University go back to the early 1960’s when the former congressman, Dr. Ya-ping Tsai, and his wife, Dr. Min Lee, located the school site at Nantun, Taichung. The University was then founded in 1963 as Ling Tung Junior College of Accounting, providing five-year programs in business areas for junior high school graduates. After 2005, Ling Tung University was promoted to a university, which provides four-year undergraduate programs.

Ling Tung University has four schools, offering 16 undergraduate programs, 11 graduate programs, and 11 two-year and five-year programs. Undergraduate programs are in the areas of business, finance, design, and information technology. Graduate programs focus on the fields of international business, finance and economics, management and visual communication. Five-year programs focus on training students with basic skills in the business field. Ling Tung also provides night programs and weekend programs for students pursuing lifelong learning.

In order to facilitate international academic exchange, Ling Tung University has established sister-relationships with colleges and universities in America, Korea, P.R.O.C., Japan, Chile, Vietnam, Australia and so on. Many graduates have gone to these partner universities to further their studies.

In National College Evaluations by the Ministry of Education, Ling Tung has outstanding achievements. For 10 consecutive years, since the 1991 school year, Ling Tung has been graded as “A+” among colleges providing business related programs. In 1995, nine undergraduate programs were graded “A+.” In 1999’s national evaluation, 11 undergraduate programs were evaluated as “A+.”

With these accomplishments, Ling Tung University has advanced by continuing its belief in providing high learning quality.